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Axé Maryland will visit St. Louis to join a 4-day capoeira workshop event hosted by Axé Capoeira with special guest Tizoc Guerrero of Axé Capoeira LA. Instrutor Tizoc is a very experienced Capoeirista and is regarded as one of the most talented Capoeirista in Grupo Axé Capoeira.

More information on the event can be found at:

Info from the organizer of the event:

Early registration is $60.

Attendees should register at:

Workshops will be:

Thursday - 8 to 10pm

Friday - 4 to 7pm; roda after

Saturday - Noon to 3pm; roda after

Sunday is Earth Day weekend, and that is a big deal in St. Louis. On that day, the capoeiristas in the city all gather by the Muny theater in Forest Park for the biggest street roda of the year. We will end the weekend by showing St. Louis our axé!

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