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World Music and Dance Night at AACC feat. Axé Capoeira Maryland + Workshop with Gra. Marcia
Show, Demonstration & Workshop of Capoeira

Bayu Wicaksono 2015-11-15 05:42:24 UTC

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Come join us for World Music and Dance Night at Anne Arundel Community College on Thursday, November 19 at 7:30 p.m. in Humanities Building, room 112.

The evening features African and Brazilian music and dance performed by members of World Music Club and students enrolled in West African Music and Dance (MUS 263 / DAN 263) and West African Drumming for Beginners (MUC 326) taught by instructor Adjetey Klufio.

Capoeira will also be showcased during the show with Maculele, Solos and Roda! we will have special guest Graduada Marcia Carnauba, Mestre Barrão's daughter, on hand as well! It'll be great! FREE ADMISSION!!

We will also have a great Capoeira workshop with Graduada Carnauba on Friday (7-9pm) and Saturday (12 - 3pm + Roda) as well, everyone is welcomed!

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Mestre Pastinha
The Life and Legacy of the Father of Capoeira Angola

Bayu Wicaksono 2015-06-07 22:33:38 UTC

Mestre Pastinha

Mestre Pastinha (Vicente Ferreira Pastinha) is best known for preserving capoeira angola, the more traditional style of capoeira. He lived from 1889 to 1981. Mestre Pastinha is known as the “philosopher of capoeira” because of his great wisdom about the art and about life in general. Despite his immensely important work in preserving the traditional capoeira, he came to an unfortunate end. The government took away his academy, promising to renovate it and return it to him, but the renovated space was instead given to a restaurant. Mestre Pastinha died poor, blind, and bitter about the injustice he suffered; however, he did not regret his life as a capoeirista.

"Angola, mother of Capoeira. Sorcery of slaves in the longing for freedom; its beginning has no method and its end is inconceivable to even the most knowledgeable capoeirista" – Mestre Pastinha
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Axé Capoeira Maryland 2015 Workshop with Gra. Marcia Carnauba 5/29 - 5/31
Workshop and Events Series

Bayu Wicaksono 2015-04-29 01:03:34 UTC

Come visit historic Annapolis, MD to join a 3-day workshop hosted by Axé Capoeira Maryland with special guest instructor: Graduada Marcia Carnauba of Axé Capoeira Atlanta! Carnauba brings a strong female presence in our grupo with her 15 years of experience as well as embodying the philosophy of our Master: Mestre Barrão, who is also her father.

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Axé Capoeira St. Louis Workshop with Instrutor Tizoc 4/23 - 4/26
Workshop and Events Series

Bayu Wicaksono 2015-04-21 21:40:12 UTC

Axé Maryland will visit St. Louis to join a 4-day capoeira workshop event hosted by Axé Capoeira with special guest Tizoc Guerrero of Axé Capoeira LA. Instrutor Tizoc is a very experienced Capoeirista and is regarded as one of the most talented Capoeirista in Grupo Axé Capoeira.

More information on the event can be found at:

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Line Sequence Sampler
Training Series

Bayu Wicaksono 2015-03-10 18:34:20 UTC

Axé Capoeira Maryland participated in a workshop in Atlanta taught by Marcia Carnauba, daughter of Mestre Barrão, hosted by Axé Atlanta leaders: Feijoada and Avestruz. Carnauba brought a strong philosophy and teaching to Atlanta, passed down to her from her father, our Mestre and president of our group, Mestre Barrão. Below was one of the sequences taught by Carnauba during the workshop:

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Mestre Leopoldina Morreu
Mestre Barrão

Bayu Wicaksono 2015-02-15 17:41:19 UTC

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One of my favorite Mestre Barrão's songs describing the loss and longing when Mestre Leopoldina, a famous Capoeira Master, passed away. Mestre Leopoldina was also one of the historical figures of Capoeira and was famous for his malandragem (trickeries). It is said that he had been once the foreman of the King Zumbi of Quilombo dos Palmares, one of the most famous runaway slaves' settlements in Brazil.

Below is an excerpt of the song (click the link for the full song):

Mestre Leopoldina Morreu

Master Leopoldina's Passing

Hoje a saudade apertou no meu peito 
Quando meu berimbau se quebrou 

Today, the longing is so great (i.e. pressing on my chest)
When my Berimbau broke

Avisando que a Capoeira, entristeceu 
Que o saodoso Mestre foi embora 
Mestre Leopoldina morreu 

A warning of such sadness in Capoeira 
Leaving a hole in the heart when a Master passed away
Mestre Leopoldina had died
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